Trio: 3 Square Frames 14x14"

Change prints like Warhol for seasonal art displays
Change prints like Warhol for seasonal art displaysSet of 3 Square acrylic art display frames, kids art frame, changeable frameSquare acrylic art displays, kids art frame, changeable frame

10% off! today! Design with the the power of threes.  Ideal for photos, kids art, signs, posters, keepsakes, and anything you want to change easily and often. Fit items up to 12x12".  Try theming them out with scrapbook pages! Easy to hang and effortless to use, they look great with any decor because your art takes center stage. Each frame consits of a single, light weight, sheet of acrylic that exhibits your piece, and our Impressively Strong Magnets hold it in place. These magnets are powerful enough to hold up to 10 pages or 3lbs per pair - wow!


  • 3 of our popular 14"x14" Scrapbooker acrylic art display frames
  • 24 Impressively Strong Magnets
  • 12 silver wall mounts, screw and anchors
  • Fool-proof hanging templates for easy arranging

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Price: $148.47

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Boxes individually wrapped in turquoise paper with silver ribbon (Sets may come in individually boxed). Add gift messages in "Order Comments"